are you hungry? are you sleepy?
This installation was made for the Project En Route, which was developed on the roads of three different countries, Spain, Germany and Poland with the idea of making art for drivers so they could see the works from the traveler and speed’s perception.
Francisco de Goya was born in Fuendetodos, where the project En Route started in Spain, and La Maja, one of his best known works. In this road advertisement, her nakedness, inscribed in flat color ellipses and the inscription: Are you hungry? Are you sleepy? are inviting us to eat and rest, regular practices in human behavior that become more noticeable when we travel.
The installation evokes the advertising concept of the famous Osborne bull, which advertised brandy and we can still find, now without advertising anything, on the roads around the Spanish geography.
The Maja’s silhouette, lying down and naked as an advertising ploy wants to arouse in us other instincts beyond the desire to eat and rest.