PACO SIMÓN. Barcelona, 1954

He studied in the School of Arts of Zaragoza where he met his partners from the Grupo Forma (1972 to 1976). After a period of intense activity with the transgressing group, he continued his activity separately. He started to work with Sala Gaspar in Barcelona doing multiple exhibitions in Spain and abroad. His work became intensely colourist, full of eroticism and sensuality.
In 1988, he set up a studio in New York. He returned to abstraction and made large-scale paintings creating floating architectures with a restrained palette. Gradually he began to re-introduce color, making paintings where the organic and the cellular co-exist in space. Some of these paintings refer to cosmic space, others to urban, keeping the rhythm and balance of the landscape. Coloured shapes began to emerge from the surface of these paintings making them seem three-dimensional.  He continues to paint, but since 1995 he has become interested also in installations where light and color become very important. He works in different places: Israel, Australia, United States, Poland, Germany and Great Britain.
In his last works he is interested in creating shapes starting from the surface. Armed with a scalpel as if he was a surgeon, he cuts the surface layer by layer, and after that, with the light and our own movement the final image will be created.
He considers himself a multimedia artist who loves paintings and handmade work, who does not stop researching and is constantly looking for new ways that can surprise him. He currently lives in Zaragoza.
Since the year 2000, in parallel with his work as an artist, he has run the association Arte en Órbita, which organizes cultural projects internationally with the idea of making artists and culture more dynamic.